August 25, 2019 Sunday Annual Runners Edge TOBAY Triathlon


The Town of Oyster Bay Triathlon is scheduled to take place this Sunday, August 25th.  Please be aware that the bike portion of this event will take place in parts of our Village. Roads affected by this include Cove Rd, Northern Blvd., Berry Hill Rd and McCouns La. The first bike riders should be in the Village by 7:15am and we have been assured by the race organizers that the bike course will be cleared by 9:30am. Although no Village Roads will be officially closed, residents and motorists should anticipate periodic delays and stoppage of traffic during the height of the race. These delays will be necessary to ensure the safety of all bike riders and motorists alike. Our Police Department will be stationed along the route in an attempt to keep these delays and inconveniences to a minimum. 

Click Here for Bike Course Map