• NYS Dept of Transportation (516-935-6111) maintains Route 25A/Northern Blvd within Oyster Bay Cove for a distance of approximately 2 miles.
  • Nassau County Dept of Public Works (516-571-6900) maintains Berry Hill Road and Cove Road within Oyster Bay Cove for approximately 4.2 miles
  • Oyster Bay Cove maintains the following roads:

Steamboat Landing Road: .4 miles
Yellow Cote Road: .9 miles
Sandy Hill Road: 1.2 miles
McCoun's Lane: 790 feet

  • All the rest of the roads in Oyster Bay Cove are private roads and are maintained and snow plowed by their owners or road associations.
  • Private roads must provide sufficient space for deliveries, garbage removal and snow removal from privately owned property.