Village Taxes

The Village fiscal year begins on June 1 and ends on May 31.

The Village of Oyster Bay Cove’s  tax bills are mailed the last week of  May  and payment is due by July 1st*** without penalty. 

If your mortgage holds an escrow for taxes, the bill should have been sent directly to your bank, but if you received a tax bill in the mail, you should contact your bank and provide them  with a copy.  If you do not escrow your taxes and did not receive a bill from the Village, please contact our office  at 516-922-1016.


***Note:  The Mayor and Board of Trustees passed a local law for 2021 authorizing a 30 day special deferrment to pay your taxes without penalty due to the COVID 19 State of Emergency.  Tax payments are due on July 31, 2021. Since  July  31 is a Saturday, you will have until Monday, August 2nd to pay your taxes without penalty.

Payments received or  United States postmarked after August 2, 2021 are subject to a 5% interest plus  $2 penalty   and 1% every month  thereafter until paid. This is pursuant to Real Property Tax Law, and therefore the Village does not have any authority to waive penalties or interest that accrue on delinquent tax bills.        

You may pay in one of the following ways:

In person:  The Village office is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am-2pm. Please note our location at 68 West Main Street In Oyster Bay .   There is a mail slot at the office.

The mail:  Your payment must have a United States Postal Service postage mark dated on or before August 2nd  or  penalties and interest will apply.  Please send your check or money order (along with payment stub).  Postdated checks will not be honored and will be deposited when received. Partial payments are not accepted and will be returned.  If you are paying your bill close to the deadline, we recommend you go into the Post Office to have your envelope date stamped.  The postal date stamp is proof of payment date.

Online:  In order to give our residents more payment options, your real estate taxes  can be paid for an additional service  fee by electronic ACH check or Credit Card. New York State law mandates that the Village receives no portion  of the service fee.  This fee is retained by the payment processor.

ACH Check Fee is $1.75

Credit/Debit Card Fee is 2.45% minimum of $1.75 whichever is greater