Board of Trustees

The governing body of the Village is a Board of Trustees, consisting of a Mayor and four Trustees, who serve without compensation. As of 2019 they are elected for a 3-year term and a 4 year term, thereafter.

  • The terms are staggered so the entire board will not turn over in any single election.
  • Village elections for those officers are held on the third Tuesday in June. ***

Any resident who wishes to attend a meeting should verify the date and time thereof by communicating with the Village Clerk

****Note Due to Covid 19, the Governor issued an executive order changing the Village Election to Tuesday September 15, 2020


Board Members

Name Title
Charles R. Goulding Mayor
Richard MacDougall Trustee / Deputy Mayor
George Sheehan Trustee
Adam Kimmick Trustee
Elizabeth Brown Trustee