Online Tax Payments

In order to give our residents more payment options, your real estate taxes  can be paid for an additional service  fee by electronic ACH check or Credit Card. New York State law mandates that the Village receives no portion  of the service fee.  This service fee is retained by the payment processor and is not refundable, if you decide to use this option. Below are the service fees:


Credit/Debit Card Fee is 2.45% (minimum of $1.75) whichever is greater

ACH Check Fee is $0.75 (75 cents)  up to $50,000 


Please note that payments via the website are final and not reversible.  Please review and confirm your charges before approving the payment.

Payments received after July 1st*  are subject to a 5% interest plus  $2 penalty for July and 1% thereafter until paid. This is pursuant to Real Property Tax Law, and therefore the Village does not have any authority to waive penalties or interest that accrue on delinquent tax bills.       

Note:  The tax payment deadline by law is due July 1st*.  It is your responsiblity to make sure the payment is made by the due date.  Delays caused by unavailability of any on-line service DOES NOT allow us to reverse late fees. 

***Note the Governor has granted the Village of Oyster Bay Cove a 21 Day Extension to Pay Bills without Penalty and Interest.  Taxes are due without penalty by July 22.

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