Summer 2020 Village Newsletter

Summer 2020 Village Newsletter

Now that we have entered into Phase 3 of Reopening,  I hope that many of you are able to enjoy some of the expanded businesses that are now open.  Our Village office which continued to operate throughout the Pandemic   is now open to the public  by appointment.   During this time,  we have held all our scheduled  Board of Trustee  meetings by teleconference and the Zoning Board held meetings via Zoom.  We anticipate that  Village Court  will reopen soon. 

Additionally,  I participated in the elected officials rally in Massapequa championing the acceleration to open outdoor dining.  This led the Governor to include outdoor dining in Phase 2.

Village Taxes

Village tax payments have remained on schedule.  Many residents are using the new online option to pay their taxes via Ach Check Transfer or Credit Card.   Please remember the Village taxes are due without penalty and interest  by Wednesday July 22, 2020, due to an extension that the Village requested and was granted by the Governor.

Village Beach 

The  village beach inlet is being enjoyed by many of our residents.     We have been able to get more Kayakers off the waiting list and into the  water.    The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation installed a new sign at the Village Beach prohibiting shell fishing, since our water is uncertified for shell fishing.

Increased Traffic- Law Enforcement  

Our Village Police are increasing patrols and ticket  enforcement on Berry Hill, Yellow Cote  and Cove Roads due to increased speeding,and unsafe and aggressive  driving.  

Car Thefts  

There has been an increase in auto thefts across the North Shore of Nassau County.   The vast majority of these incidents are the result of unlocked cars and/or key fobs left in the car.    I urge you to lock your cars, remove your valuables and key fobs from your parked autos.  If you notice any suspicious activity, please call 911 immediately so our Police can respond.

Landscaping and Contractor Permissible  Work  Hours    

While at home, many of you have taken the opportunity to improve your landscaping and homes.   In order to be respectful of your neighbors, please comply with section 211 of the  Village Code which states the days and times that landscapers and contractors are allowed to do work in the Village.

Our Wonderful Village 

If one has to be confined, Oyster Bay Cove is clearly one of the best sanctuaries.  Our family has lived in the area for over 40 years, but this year being home full time has given me the opportunity to really appreciate where we live. 

Wishing you and your families a very happy and safe July 4th.

Best Regards,

Charles R. Goulding