August 27, 2021-Summer Newsletter

American Rescue Plan Funds 

Congressman Tom Suozzi recently met with the Mayors in our area to present them with a "check" for their Village's share of  federal funds under the American Rescue Plan.  These funds can be used toward specific projects as outlined in the plan.  Oyster Bay Cove has been allocated $230,239. Below is a photo of Mayor Goulding receiving the celebratory check from Congressman Suozzi. 


New York State Grant

With assistance from NY Assemblyman, Mike Montesano. the Village anticipates  securing  a $50,000 grant to be used towards the resurfacing of  Village roads.     

Filming in Oyster Bay Cove

Portions of the upcoming  Apple TV Miniseries based on the rise and fall of the startup company  WeWork was recently filmed in Oyster Bay Cove.  The film stars Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto.                                               

Abandoned Homes

We are actively enforcing  Village codes on multiple abandoned homes in Oyster Bay Cove. Enforcement often means fining and compelling banks to maintain the properties in accordance with New York State law.   Many procedures were suspended during the Pandemic, but we are now making progress.                     


We are pleased that more of our residents are recycling. Tim Archdeacon, a long-time homeowner in Oyster Bay Cove, has suggested that interested residents consider composting to enhance  their recycling efforts. Tim is very happy with local agricultural not-for-profit called Orkestai Farms.  You can get more information on their website at

I hope you are enjoying the rest of the summer!

Best Regards, 

Charles R. Goulding