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General Information

The Village co-ordinates its activities with the governmental agencies in nearby villages and cooperates wholeheartedly with the authorities of the State, County, Town and special districts. The Village receives from the State revenues in the form of mortgage tax and State aid. Through the County Tax rolls we pay our proportionate share of the court, Town and special district expenses. The County Board of Assessors assesses all property within the Village. The Village tax covers all services rendered by the Village, including police, refuse removal and maintaining village roads. Currently, the Village is comprised of 728 homes, consisting of approximately 2,250 residents.

School Districts

The Village is served by the Oyster Bay-East Norwich School District No.6 (516) 624-6500), the Syosset School District No.11 (516) 364-5600), and the Cold Spring Harbor School District No.2 elementary (631) 692-7044 and junior/high school 631-692-4008, which are, in part, within the boundaries of the Village. Village residents are eligible to vote in all school district elections in their respective districts. The Village provides certain revenues to the Oyster Bay-East Norwich School District by obtaining State aid for the summer youth recreation program.

There are also several private schools in the area including:

Friends Academy: (516) 656-3559
East Woods School: (516)922-4400
Lutheran High School: (516) 626-1700
Portledge School: (516) 671-1475
St. Dominic's High School: (516) 922-4888

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Water Districts

The Oyster Bay Water District and the Jericho Water District serve the Village residents. Charges for water are issued directly by each water district. They can be contacted at:

Jericho Water District
125 Convent Road
Syosset, N.Y. 11791

Oyster Bay Water District
45 Audry Avenue
Oyster Bay, N.Y. 11771

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Sewer District

The Oyster Bay Sewer District (922-4922) serves the Village along Oyster Bay Cove Road (East Main Street) and part of Sandy Hill Road. Much of the Village depends for its waste removal upon approved private septic and cesspool systems.
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Fire Protection

Fire protection is provided to the Village by the Atlantic Steamer Fire Company and the Oyster Bay Fire Company No. 1.  The Syosset Fire District  protects the southern section of the Village. For fire emergencies always dial 911.  For emergency contact numbers please click on the Emergency Contacts tab on the left.

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Police Department

Police service is provided by the Village Police Department. The Police Department is located at:
Berry Hill Road & Route 25A
Oyster Bay, N.Y. 11771
Tel. (516) 922-6363
Emergencies 911
Police Chief: Kevin Cronin

Burglar Alarms: Must be registered with the Village Clerk. There is a $25.00 one time fee for the registration.

Fire Alarms: Must be registered with the Village Clerk. There is a $25.00 one time fee for the registration. False alarm fees for a given calendar year are as follows:

1st occurrence:  No Charge
2nd occurrence: $20.00
3rd & 4th occurrence: $25 each
5 or more occurrences: $50 each

Click Here to access the Alarm Registration Permit form.

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All dogs must be licensed by the Town of Oyster Bay. Dogs and cats must have rabies shots and wear I.D. tags. Applications for dog licenses are available from the Town Clerk’s Office – Town of Oyster Bay, Audrey Avenue, Oyster Bay (624-6329) and the fee is determined by the state of New York.
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Local Parks and Facilities

Planting Fields Arboretum: (516) 922-9200
Oyster Bay Golf Course: (516) 364-1180
Muttontown Preserve: (516) 571-7600
Syosset/Woodbury Park: (516) 677-5990
Theodore Roosevelt Beach & Marina: (516) 624-6202
Sagamore Hill National Historic Site: (516)922-4788
Theodore Roosevelt Bird Sanctuary and Audubon Society

Village Recreation Area
The Village owns a small recreation area adjacent to the bay on the north side of Cove Road, several hundred feet west of Cove Neck Road. This area is restricted to Oyster Bay Cove residents and their guests. Parking permits ($25.00) must be obtained from the Village Police Department or Village Hall Office. Boat rack permits must be obtained from the Village Hall. These permits are available on an annual basis for a fee of $15.00.

Residents are expected to keep the area in a neat and orderly condition. No fires are permitted. Racks are provided for some small boats and dinghies, which may be stored at the owner's risk. Village residents are also entitled to use the Town of Oyster Bay Beaches, some of which are located in nearby Oyster Bay, Bayville and Centre Island, as well as Tobay Beach on the Atlantic Ocean.
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The State maintains Route 25A within the Village for a distance of about 2 miles. The County maintains 4.2 miles of Berry Hill Road and Oyster Bay Cove Road in the Village. The Village maintains the following roads:
Steamboat Landing Road: .4 miles
Yellow Cote Road: .9 miles
Sandy Hill Road: 1.2 miles
McCoun's Lane: 790 feet

Private roads are maintained and snow plowed by their owners or road associations. Private roads must provide sufficient space for deliveries, and for garbage and snow removal from privately owned property.
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